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2022 VT Alum Bernie Boteler and K-9 Mosby

Sunday, May 15, 2022. Fauquier Hokies welcomed one of our own VT alumni, Virginia State Trooper Bernie Boteler and his K-9 partner, Mosby. Mosby is one of the highest qualified K-9s in the state and often helps all over Virginia, DC, and Maryland when law enforcement needs tracking after robberies, car accidents, and other situations. Officer Boteler told the crowd all about when he and Mosby first became partners and how they work and live together. Then he took Mosby out to track a previously laid scent of someone from the crowd who'd run through the woods and was now sitting amongst us. Mosby ran through the woods and around the brewery grounds then came into our large group, sniffed a few people until finally getting all excited about one boy in particular. He found his target! After that everyone cheered and got to meet the very special bloodhound who drooled and leaned on anyone who would let him. We also enjoyed snacks and cake from the alumni and bought pizza and sandwiches from the Brick food truck. Many thanks to Officer Bernie, Mosby and to Barking Rose for hosting the Hokies!

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